Feb 12, 2020
Lindsay releases poly pipe to help with irrigation in corrosive water environments

Lindsay Corporation has announced the global release of its new Zimmatic poly pipe for its center pivot irrigation systems designed for growers who irrigate in corrosive water environments.

Corrosive water, caused by a number of factors ranging from high or low pH to variable mineral content to waste water applications, can weaken and deteriorate standard galvanized pipe, leading to premature failure.

Polyethylene-lined pipe, or “poly pipe,” is the leading solution for growers who irrigate in corrosive water environments. Lindsay engineered its new Zimmatic poly pipe to consistently deliver the highest level of performance and structural integrity in the most extreme conditions.

The new Zimmatic poly pipe features a recessed poly flange that allows for positive steel flange contact and eliminates the gap between flanges at joints, resulting in improved strength and span consistency. It is the same span joint design used for existing Zimmatic galvanized pipe, but with the added protection of the poly liner through the span pipe to provide an unmatched level of quality and rigidity.

To address the poly expansion and contraction challenges that cause the poly liner to move within the pipe, potentially leading to cracks and leaks, Lindsay introduced two additional new design innovations. First, the liner is forced through the steel flange openings during formation for positive flange retention.  Further, a proprietary new pressure reversion manufacturing process greatly increases the friction between the poly liner and the steel pipeline to further reduce any lateral movement caused by temperature fluctuations inside the pipe. This unique process also reduces the lateral stress on the pipe outlets, which can cause leaking.

To produce this new solution, Lindsay is investing in a new facility at the company’s primary pivot manufacturing plant in Lindsay, Nebraska. The new facility will house the highly automated, proprietary production tooling necessary to deliver quality and consistency.

Visit lindsay.com for more information.


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