The latest in mesh bag technology from a sustainability leader

{Sponsored} Fox Packaging has built a reputation in the industry through continuous innovation and in advantageously utilizing the evolution in technology, considerably advancing potato packaging. We sat down with the Fox team to find out more about the latest and greatest in mesh bag tech.

What is Fox Packaging’s sustainability story?

Fox Packaging has consistently invested in packaging innovation and in advancing our bag designs, materials, and product offerings to best suit the demands of our customers as well as consumers. We’re keen in understanding the market demand for sustainable options which best serve our environment.

Fox Packaging Mesh BagCurrently, our product line is fully recyclable and reusable, and our signature Fox Fresh Mesh® contributes to extended shelf life, aiding in the fight against post-harvest decay. Fox Packaging is focused on our social responsibility as a company and our contribution to the pledges made by our customers to consumers and the environment.

What does sustainability mean to Fox?

Sustainability is an active solution to economic, environmental and social drivers which encourage us to continue to consciously create and modify our offerings to perform in a thoughtful manner. Our packaging, at the end of the day, protects fresh produce; it is our goal that our packaging continues to provide that protection, communicate health and exhibits quality on the shelf. “Here at Fox, sustainability means that we are meeting the market’s needs without compromising quality, ensuring that our customers’ products meet the criteria and stay on store shelves,” said Aaron Fox, executive vice president at Fox.

Fox Packaging is contending a stigma — that plastic produce packaging is wasteful and harmful to our environment. However, Fox is conducting research to combat that stigma and to divert plastic from landfills.

What has Fox Packaging been up to sustainability-wise?

Our research and development programs have been inspired by evolving technology. We’ve used what’s proven itself on the market — our Fox Fresh Mesh Combo® bag — and built upon those successes to innovate a specific stand-up format for fresh produce. Through our new material offerings, we have been able to incorporate what works with what’s demanded.

We have developed a product with increased stiffness in comparison to the previous offering while maintaining packaging integrity. The rigidity and crispness features of this material are comparable to polypropylene. We’re calling it the HD Pouch bag.

Fox Packaging Resealable Mesh Bag

“This is a new offering from Fox. It’s the same stand-up format featuring a new, environmentally friendly substrate. It’s desirable and delivers on the expectations requested by recyclers, retailers, buyers and, most importantly, consumers,” said Jeff Reger, product manager at Fox.

“We revisited the design of the Stand-Up Combo® bag. The style is in high demand, it’s a great product for visible display and consumer convenience; so, to add that desired eco-friendly feature we shifted toward biopolymers — offering an eco-starch resin to our material. It’s our way of being a solution for our customers,” said Jasper Trujillo, business development manager at Fox.

What have your customers had to say about Fox’s sustainability initiatives?

We truly appreciate the trust that our customers place in us. We’ve been transparent in communicating our initiatives and in ensuring that our projects are always in their best interest. Having the opportunity to encourage innovative creativity has not only energized our team but has also highlighted the unique talents that each member offers.

Consumers are challenging packaging options as zero waste lifestyles trend and as environmentally conscious movements spearhead corporate social responsibility agendas — Fox Packaging understands our responsibility in contribution to the goals set by our customers in combat of waste management. There is a strong voice in sustainability calling for action, and we have focused our research and development programs on the recyclability and reusability of our products.

It’s a really exciting time for Fox Packaging; we have over 50 years of experience in packaging and are still learning every day. To visibly position our customers in sustainability is just a bonus.

Fox will continue to innovate solutions that meet the criteria for these changes, fortunately our product line is already in compliance. We hope to foster awareness of the reduce, reuse, recycle reality within our industry.

To learn more about Fox Packaging, visit; to speak with a member of our team, email [email protected].

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