February 2019
Cultivar Corner: Mackinaw shows resistance to PVY, late blight

Mackinaw (MSX540-4)

Parentage: Saginaw Chipper x Lamoka

Developers: Michigan State University and MSU AgBioResearch

Plant Variety Protection: To be applied for

Strengths: MSX540-4 is a chip-processing potato with resistance to potato virus Y (PVY), late blight (Phytophthora infestans) and tolerance to common scab (Streptomyces scabies). This variety has average yield with a high specific gravity, and a high percentage of A-size tubers with an attractive, uniform shape. MSX540-4 has a strong vine and a mid- to late-season maturity, and has demonstrated excellent long-term storage chip-processing quality. MSX540-4 has performed well in multiple locations in the Potatoes USA National Chip Processing Trials.

Incentives for production: Long-term chip-processing quality with resistance to PVY and late blight, and tolerance to common scab.

Morphological Characteristics

Plant: Medium height vine, semi-erect with a balance between stems and foliage visible, and flowers.

Tubers: Round tubers with lightly netted, tan colored skin. Tubers have a creamy-white flesh with a low incidence of internal defects.

Agronomic Characteristics

Vine maturity: Mid- to late-season maturity.

Tubers: Smooth shaped tubers with lightly netted, tan colored skin and a creamy-white flesh.

Yield: Average yield under irrigated conditions, with uniform A-size tubers.

Specific gravity: Averages similar to above Snowden in Michigan.

Culinary quality: Chip processes from short to long-term storage.

Diseases: Resistant to PVY and late blight, tolerant to common scab.

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