May/June 2011
Cultivar Corner: Lamoka By Susie Thompson, Gregory Porter & Mark Pavek


Parentage: NY120 x NY115

Developers: Cornell University

Plant Variety Protection: Applied for

Morphological Characteristics

Plant: Large and vigorous vine, with pale green foliage, and white-tipped, magenta flowers. Vine is vigorous and upright early, becoming semi-erect later in the season.

Tubers: Round shape, with slight to moderately textured skin. Eyes are shallow. Attractive,

uniform tubers with a medium tuber size profile, typically slightly smaller than Atlantic.

Incentives for production: Long-term storage potential (similar to Snowden), excellent chip

color out of cold storage (comparable to or better than Snowden), good resistance to

common scab, attractive appearance and high tuber solids.

Agronomic Characteristics

Vine Maturity: Medium-late

Yield Potential: High (similar to Atlantic)

Specific Gravity: High; averages about 0.004 less than Atlantic across 33 trials.

Culinary Quality: Chipping cultivar to replace Snowden and other cultivars with long-term storage potential.

Diseases/Pests/Physiological Disorders: Good resistance to common scab. Resistant to golden nematode race Ro1.

Storability: Stores well. Processes consistently and with comparable or better chip color than Snowden from cold storage.

Cultural Information: An eight- to nine-inch within-row spacing optimizes the tuber size profile for chip processing. Nitrogen applications of about 150 lbs./acre are recommended to maximize yield and tuber quality attributes. Moderately sensitive to metribuzin herbicides.

Strengths: Long-term storage potential. Excellent chip color from cold storage. Resistance to common scab. High yield potential and attractive, uniform tubers.

Weaknesses: Internal necrosis has been noted in a few trials. Small areas of translucent tissue have also been observed in tubers in a few trials.

Seed Availability: Certified seed is available from producers in New York and Maine.

Photo Credit: Walter DeJong

75 Applewood Dr. Ste. A
P.O. Box 128
Sparta, MI 49345


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