Oct 21, 2011
States receive specialty crop block grants for potato research


Partner with Colorado Potato Administrative Committee to develop and promote a branded potato that is unique to Colorado to help increase sales and enhance the long-term sustainability of Colorado’s potato industry


Partner with the Idaho Potato Commission to enhance the competitiveness of Idaho potatoes in international markets by conducting promotional activities aimed at educating the international food communities on the quality, versatility, and benefits of using Idaho potatoes and Idaho potato products

Partner with the Idaho Potato Commission to enhance competitiveness of the Idaho potato industry by developing new varieties that can be produced and utilized more efficiently than existing ones through optimizing pesticide, fertilizer, water, and energy inputs, which will also address consumer’s requests for more sustainable production practices


Partner with the University of Maine Cooperative Extension Potato Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Program to ensure an adequate response to the potential pest-related hazards confronting potato growers through field monitoring, disease forecasting, and the distribution of educational materials

Partner with the Maine Potato Board to breed, select, and develop new potato varieties that will provide marketing opportunities for Maine potato growers at all scales of production while also placing a high priority on developing diseaseresistant varieties that can enhance Integrated Pest Management (IPM) efforts and/or reduce the need for pesticide applications


Partner with the Michigan Potato Industry Commission to minimize potato losses by building four new weather stations in areas farmed by potato growers and by developing modeling and programming of Enviro-weather stations that enable growers to easily and fully comprehend the weather stresses endured by their crops


Partner with the Montana State University’s Seed Potato Certification Program to develop a garden seed directory for distribution to all nurseries, garden centers, and produce distributors in Montana; obtain four new specialty varieties to expand the selection of varieties available to gardeners; and conduct an educational campaign to inform the public of the importance of growing Montana seed potatoes

Partner with Montana State University to identify low glycemic index potato cultivars that may be adapted for production in Montana as a value-added crop


Partner with the University of Nebraska to reduce the negative effects of water stress on the marketability of potatoes through the investigation of irrigation timing and nitrogen fertilization options

North Dakota:

Partner with Williston Ag Diversification Group to develop, evaluate and advance newly bred and improved “niche” market potato varieties; provide innovative new potato products for test marketing and creating new and expanding markets for the North Plains region growers, processors and fresh pack suppliers; and allow expanded potato production and potato acreage
expansion to newly developed irrigation areas in western North Dakota, eastern Montana and Minnesota

Partner with North Dakota State University to determine the genetic make up of PVY strains in North Dakota seed potatoes


Partner with the Washington State Potato Commission to conduct a study that aims to add tools and information to plantparasitic nematode management in potatoes, allowing a more integrated management approach than is currently possible


Partner with the Wisconsin Potato and Vegetable Growers Association to develop a retail promotional potato bin for use primarily in Wisconsin grocery stores to increase awareness and sales of Wisconsin grown potatoes within the state of Wisconsin as well as in neighboring states

Partner with the Wisconsin Potato Industry Board to improve the raw product value and improve finished product quality of processed potatoes by minimizing the negative effects of sugar end defect

Partner with the Wisconsin Potato Industry Board to develop potato production systems with drip irrigation and bed configuration to improve water and resource use efficiency

Partner with the Wisconsin Potato Industry Board to continue to assess the efficacy and feasibility of several fumigation, crop rotation, cover cropping, and cultural practices on disease control of potato production

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