Mar 12, 2019
Patent filed for algorithm that can calculate Electronic Logging Device (ELD) exemption

GeoSpace Labs announced March 12 that it is has filed a provisional patent application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for a system and method to determine Electronic Logging Device (ELD) exemption for transporters of agricultural commodities.

The invention is a sophisticated computer algorithm that can be used by Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) AOBRD or ELD units and/or government enforcement systems to evaluate the historic and current trigonometric relationship between the CMV geospatial location(s) and the geospatial location of a qualifying source of transported agricultural commodity at any point in time also considering the load state of the CMV and the sequence of commodity transported.

Since ELD units are centered on commercial drivers, automating the 395.1(k) exemption required advanced computer science methods to work alongside the current design specifications of federally certified ELD units. Additional processing dimensions and enhanced computer algorithms were required, and ultimately an improvement to the current ELD design specifications was needed since no design elements existed or were published for this type of automation.

GeoSpace Labs has implemented the patent pending algorithm in its ELD vertical for agricultural commodity transporters called HOS4AG, making it the only unit on the market with built in automation for commercial carriers of agricultural commodities.

More information is available at the website.

GeoSpace is open to licensing the invention to other ELD providers that wish to provide 395.1(k) automations in their AOBRD or ELD units, or to government or law enforcement agencies should they wish to build this capability into their evaluative systems.

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