February 2013
Equipment Round-Up

Advanced Farm Equipment

AFE Lenco recently introduced the Lenco Four-row Wrap Around Harvester with side-hill leveling that keeps the cleaning table level. Lenco has installed a load cell in the primary bed that indicates the amount of dirt being carried, which allows adjusting the speed of the chain so the proper amount of dirt can be carried without adjusting the speed of the machine.
The Four-Row Wrap Around Harvester has electronic hydraulics run by an Eaton controller giving the opportunity to dial in to the speed of the primary and the speed of all conveyors and the cleaning table.
Another innovation in the Lenco line is the Four Row Pull Type Air Head Harvester with a self-leveling air head and air knife, aka, a big blower out the back of the harvester.
For more information visit www.lenco-harvesters.com.

John Deere

John Deere introduces the all-new 2720 Disk Ripper, a heavy-duty primary tillage tool designed to handle a wide variety of tillage tasks.
Features of the 2720 Disk Ripper include a new gang design with heavier C-springs, thicker gang tubes and the largest gang bolt in the industry. It uses a disk-ripper-disk configuration to cut, size and bury residue, penetrate the soil and level the field, all in one pass.
The front disk gang angle is fixed at 18 degrees for maximum residue cutting and soil leveling from the ripper and back disk. The rear disk gang can be set at 14 or 16 degrees, depending on residue and soil conditions.
The 2720 Disk Ripper is available in four widths: 12 foot, 6-inch, 17 foot, 6-inch, 22-foot, 6-inch and 27-foot, 6-inch.
For more information on the 2720 Disk Ripper see a local John Deere dealer or visit www.JohnDeere.com.


Lockwood recently added the ACS-8 to its portfolio of potato handling equipment.
The Air-Controlled Separator is a complete handling and cleaning system that efficiently removes rocks, dirt, vines and other debris with the aid of high velocity air while minimizing damage to potatoes.
The 96-inch air chamber of the ACS-8 cleans and separates the debris by running the load over a full-width cleaning table to remove excess dirt, vines and corn stalks. The remaining contents move into the high-flow air chamber that elevates the potatoes into a high stream of air, lifting them onto the discharge conveyor while allowing stones to continue through, removing them from the potatoes.
Features of the ACS-8 include:
• Complete system includes vacuum chamber, cleaning table, containment center and air supply unit
• 5,000 cwt. per hour capacity
• 96-inch wide stone table for preliminary dirt and rock removal
• 48-inch potato discharge conveyor
• 170-horsepower Cummins engine power plant
• 460-volt 3-PH Variable Frequency Drive controlled motors on all tables and conveyors.
For more information visit www.lockwoodmfg.com


Harriston’s new 4240 Clodhopper has a four stage cleaning design with blend back or sized product flow options. It has a feed width of an 80-inch single belt with separation width of a 96-inch clodhopper roller. The 4240 has a capacity of 220 gross tons per hour.
Standard equipment includes, two 80-inch single belt elevators, 11-row sizer and six leveling jacks. Optional equipment includes blower and peg belt, reversing conveyor switches, light pole package, quick adjust and stainless steel Ellis tables and a quick adjust table extension. For more information visit www.harriston-mayo.com


Amvac Chemical has updated its SmartBox closed application and handling system. The new system includes a large-format 5-inch color display, a new user-friendly menu-driven interface, simplified cabling and by-the-row control capabilities for maximum application flexibility.
The new control system provides individual control of up to 48 precision electronic SmartBox row meters or up to 48 multi-row groupings. New features include row shut-off capabilities when used in conjunction with row clutches. System set-up can be accomplished directly on the display using simple menus or on a laptop computer, then transferred to the display using a USB thumb drive.
New Microsoft Windows software generates reports required by the EPA, as well as application rates by field, acres covered, total application amounts and applications by each operator.
For more information visit www.smartboxsystem.com


The Milestone debris elimination table is now available as an inline unit. The debris elimination table is available with several options: stainless steel frame, two or three rock pipe rollers and an electric actuator for adjustment. It comes in the following widths: 36-inch, 48-inch, 60-inch, 72-inch, 92-inch and 96-inch. Food grade oil is used in all gearboxes and hydraulic applications, standard for all Milestone equipment.
Milestone’s telescoping utility piler is ideal for planter filling, small storage and truck loading. The telescoping utility piler is available in arc and swing boom configurations.
Options include, planter filler chute, onboard generator and four-function remote. The telescoping utility piler is available in 24-inch width, with a 24-foot useable boom.
The variable speed shaker is designed to gently agitate potatoes in the elevator with gentle, wave-like motions to help sift dirt from the flow of potatoes. Additionally the agitation separates and spreads the potatoes to a single layer before reaching the trash and sizing tables. The elevator shaker is designed to work with Milestone’s patented Autospeed feature.
For more information visit www.milestone-equipment.com


Spudnik has continued to refine and improve recent models. The 6640 Harvester represents Spudnik’s next generation in efficient, increased capacity while reducing potato stress and bruising while loading up to 200 trucks per day.
To keep up with this increased volume Spudnik updated several machines. The 1860 Even Flow Bin allows the staging of four trucks for continuous unloading into a 60-inch wide elevator.
Spudnik’s 880 Piler comes with a new 48-inch wide model designed to store in excess of 600 tons per hour. It has a boom length of 52-feet, a two belt boom option, optional variable speed drives on belts and optional remote control functions to operate the boom functions.
Spudnik’s Air-Sep is designed to separate stones, rocks and clods in either standalone operations or integrated with a harvester. Spudnik is continuing to refine and develop the Air-Sep and it is available on a limited basis.
Spudnik’s Hill Compensation Planter is another product that has been undergoing field tests and is now available in limited production. The Hill Compensation Planter maintains consistent seed placement in challenging terrain. The planter automatically adjusts the planter angle whether going uphill or downhill to keep the row unit vertical in all conditions.
For more information visit www.spudnik.com

Agritech/Logan Farm Equipment

Logan introduces the Logan Trac Pro Scooper 2013. The Trac Pro Scooper comes in 30-inch and 36-inch widths. It features a single belt boom with Legg belting and no tracking issues with heavy duty, adjustable belt tighteners. The hydraulic boom lift saves time and is easy to operate. Telescopic pipes with sliding electrical loops provide safe, trouble free operation. A belted chain is optional.
The Logan Stac Pro Piler was introduced during the 2012 harvest. The piler comes in 30-inch, 36-inch and 42-inch width. The Stack Pro Piler has a single belt boom with Legg belting. There are no electric cords on the outer boom. It has a flip under dogleg boom for easy service and transportation.
The machine has bridge style construction allowing for fitting into truck beds or inside vans. It comes with hydraulic variable speed drives, a large electric motor, hydraulic stabilizer arms and hydraulic lift elevator.
The Stac Pro Piler comes with a radio remote control.
For more information visit http://www.loganfarmequipment.com.

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