Constance Variety Potato Parkland

July/August 2019
Cultivar Corner: Constance a yellow with good uniformity, resistance to PVY


Parentage: Marabel x AR93-1243

Developers: Parkland Potato Varieties | Agrico (

Strengths: Constance is a yellow-skinned, pale yellow-fleshed table potato suitable for general use. With early development after planting, this is a good early main crop variety, with oval round tubers of regular shape and shallow eyes. It produces good-sized tubers that are resistant to secondary growth, black spot and growth cracks. This variety is well suited on most soil types. With a medium dry matter of 20.2%, it eats well and retains its color after peeling. It has a buttery taste and smooth texture, making it ideal for mashing, boiling or baking.

Agronomic Characteristics

Maturity: Medium-early growing season

Tubers: Oval round with excellent uniformity of size and shape

Yield: 12-15 tubers per plant

Eye depth: Shallow

Specific gravity: 1.072 to 1.080

Diseases: Good resistance to potato virus Y (PVY), late blight (foliage blight), common scab and fusarium dry rot.

Sensitivities: Slightly sensitive to metribuzin

Secondary growth: Not susceptible

Growing recommendations: Good skin set is advised before digging. Regular nitrogen is acceptable; use higher amounts of phosphorus than normal. For best vine-killing results, use 1/2 rate. Plants should be senescing. For best results for skin set skin finish, harvest three weeks after vine kill.

Incentives for production: Constance is a desirable variety for pre-pack and fresh market A size outlets. It has excellent eating quality, produces strong yields and is resistant to several common diseases, including PVY, fusarium dry rot and common scab.

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