2020 Challenges and next season’s outlook for potato growers

{Sponsored} As the 2020 growing season comes to a close, it’s important to consider how disease pressure will impact 2021. To better understand what the disease pressure was like and what the outlook will be for 2021, we gathered details from a retailer, grower and private consultant, specifically in regards to several major potato growing regions in Idaho.

As growers were harvesting in mid-September, yields were anticipated to be average or slightly above average in the Magic Valley region. A tough start to the season due to high winds and frost meant growers struggled with weed control — due to excessive winds that disturbed the herbicide barriers. They also dealt with typical disease pressure from early blight, brown spot and white mold. Loopers were problematic earlier, but the usual preventative programs worked well for control of psyllids.

The Lower Snake River Plain growers saw an uptick in brown spot pressure later this season, but other disease pressure was typical. Since the weather was favorable late in the season, a good harvest was expected along with average tuber size. Growers in the area have trusted Endura® fungicide for several years. The residuals help to keep plants healthy longer.

Due to resistance to FRAC group 7 fungicides, Alternaria diseases were trickier to control. The early blight, brown dot and black spot troubles of the region weigh heavily on growers. “Growers are excited for Provysol® fungicide because it offers a high level of control of these key diseases, but the best part is that Provysol does it with a different mode of action,” said Jack Wixson, BASF business representative, Idaho.

Brandon Vining, of ProGro Consulting, noted that this season was tricky in terms of early blight for the Upper Snake River Plain, because of the higher disease pressure than in several previous years. But despite the challenge with early blight, Vining is optimistic. “I used an 8 ounce per acre shot of Endura® fungicide on most of my potatoes at row closure and this seemed to clean up the early blight and give me white mold suppression for 2 to 3 weeks. I feel we have a great crop coming compared to last year,” Vining said.

2021 Outlook

With average and slightly elevated disease pressure over three of the major potato growing regions of Idaho, growers need to be prepared for what this might mean for 2021. And since the unpredictable nature of the marketplace due to the COVID-19 pandemic has created additional challenges, growers need to be prepared for a strong season next year. This means investing in trusted chemistries such as Endura® fungicide. Growers need to use different modes of action.

“As growers continue to rely on group 7 fungicides to control key diseases, they recognize the value in a highly effective group 3 product because it has a different mode of action (Provysol® fungicide). Provysol® fungicide has proven itself yet again this season in trials in the Columbia Basin and Southern Idaho,” said Curtis Rainbolt, BASF technical services representative, Idaho.

About Endura® fungicide

Endura® fungicide with its active ingredient boscalid is the industry standard for premier white mold control in potatoes as well as early blight. It works preventatively and excels where growers would usually see resistance management issues. Its residual is long-lasting, saving growers time and worry.

To learn more about Endura® fungicide, visit agproducts.basf.us.

About Provysol® fungicide

Provysol® fungicide, powered by the new Revysol® fungicide active ingredient, is the first and only isopropanol azole chemistry that is a truly unique solution to control disease such as early blight and black dot. With an innovative molecular structure, Provysol® fungicide is a revolutionary new disease management tool for potato growers. Growers have flexibility when using Provysol® fungicide due to its fast-acting control and long-lasting residual.

To learn more about Provysol® fungicide, visit agproducts.basf.us.

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