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Tummers improves potato treatment in washing

Tummers is focusing on technical improvements to guarantee 24/7 working environment without unforeseen downtime during the production hours, according to the company. It is generally thought that industrial washers are too rough on the product and can cause bruising and damage of the potatoes. Based on ongoing research by Tummers in optimizing the quality within the processing area, the company decided to also investigate what the impact is of equipment on the potato, according to a press…  » Read more
Simplot Company to build new headquarters

Simplot Company to build new headquarters

The J.R. Simplot Company is planning to begin construction of a new headquarters building in Boise, Idaho, beginning in late 2013 or early 2014. A company press release announcing the plans indicated that the final size and configuration are still under consideration, but the building will be about 10 stories high and measure roughly 300,000 sq. ft. The new headquarters should be ready for occupancy two years after construction starts and will be located in…  » Read more