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UK laboratory prepares for GM potato trials

The Sainsbury Laborartory (TSL), located in Norwich, U.K., is preparing for trials of genetically modified potatoes. The goal of the project is to develop a Maris Piper potato that is blight-resistant, bruises less and produces less acrylamide, the Eastern Daily Press reports. The research team behind the project hopes to begin testing plants in the field in 2017. Here's more from the Eastern Daily Press: A previous field trial in 2011/12 found that a single gene…  » Read more
Spudwomen 2016

Spudwomen 2016

Silvia Rondon, Liz Sanders and Eugenia Banks contribue to the long-term health of the potato industry.    Liz Sanders: The Boss "I'm incredibly bossy, so I think that makes me especially suited for management,” Liz Sanders said, laughing at her self-assessment. “My job is to make sure that everything here runs beautifully.”  “Here” is the CSS Farms Colorado City, Colorado, greenhouse complex. Sanders has been managing the nuclear seed and tissue culture facility for the past…  » Read more
Prospective Potatoes

Prospective Potatoes

Accumulation of high levels of reducing sugars during cold storage, known as cold-induced sweetening (CIS), is one of the more significant concerns for potato processing. This physiological change in tuber sugar concentration detrimentally impacts processing quality with unacceptably dark products and the production of acrylamide, a possible human carcinogen, following frying. Processing potatoes are commonly stored at 46 ̊ F to 54 ̊ F to mitigate the accumulation of reducing sugars. However, storage at colder temperatures (38-40 ̊…  » Read more

Data management system to go online in July

During the 2016 Potatoes USA Chip Committee Winter Meeting in Las Vegas on Jan. 12, the committee approved the development of a new Variety Data Management (VDM) system. When complete, this system will complement the variety development work done in the National Chip Program by making the data, grower and processor feedback, and photos of raw and finished product accessible to the U.S. chip-stock industry sector.            Grower and processor feedback has…  » Read more

GM potato approved for field trials

The Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs in the U.K. have approved The Sainsbury Laboratory, Norwich’s (TSL) application to conduct field trials of genetically modified potato crops on a designated trial site at the Norwich Research Park between 2016 and 2019. The field trials are part of TSL’s Potato Partnership Project to develop a Maris Piper potato that is blight and nematode resistant, bruises less and produces less acrylamide when cooked at high temperatures. The project…  » Read more

Nutrient-rich purple potato developed

Purple potatoes might not be the first thing that comes to mind when trying to increase vitamin, mineral and antioxidant intake. However, a group of researchers from Colorado State University (CSU) have recently developed potato varieties that satisfy these nutritional needs and could act as a preventive measure to several diseases. The research team works with the CSU Potato Program and is composed of David G. Holm, a professor and potato breeder; Sastry S. Jayanty, a…  » Read more

Texas-grown red potatoes set for record harvest

Black Gold Farms, a red potato grower/packer/shippers, is preparing for a record harvest of its Texan Reds beginning the first week of May.  The farm has been growing fresh red potatoes in Pearsall, Texas – about an hour down Interstate 35 from San Antonio – since 2011. But the 88-year-old, fourth-generation family-owned operation has actually been farming potatoes in Pearsall since 1992, focusing on growing potatoes specifically for potato chips. Black Gold Farms is ready to support this…  » Read more
Russet Burbank remains number one potato variety

Russet Burbank remains number one potato variety

The reign of Russet Burbank as the number one potato variety planted in the nation continues for 2012, according to a report released by the USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service. Nationally, 44.1 percent of acres were planted in Burbanks, up .1 percent from 2011. The Russet Norkotah is the second most popular variety in the U.S. with 12.9 percent of planted acres, up .2 percent from 2011. Ranger Russet came in third, with 9.4 percent…  » Read more