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Growers wrap up planting in Maine

Potato growers in Maine have finished up planting and hope for a smooth season, the Bangor Daily News reports. Last year growers had a troubling year battling Dickeya, a new pathogen in Maine. Dickeya is a bacteria that can cause the rotting disease blackleg. Here's more from the Bangor Daily News: Last summer, an outbreak of blackleg struck customers of Maine seed potato farmers in other states and was in part traced back to Dickeya, a…  » Read more

Flower borders help reduce mosaic in Russet Norkotahs

In recent years, there has been an increased interest in improving soil health through changing traditional agricultural practices. One way to accomplish this is to increase overall species diversity in agricultural ecosystems. Having diversity in plant species can improve crop health in other areas as well. In 2014, a flower mix used as a crop border was found to be effective at reducing the spread of mosaic (primarily caused by PVY) in the highly susceptible potato variety, Russet…  » Read more

Technique accelerates isolation of blight resistance genes

Researchers at the Sainsbury Laboratory and Genome Analysis Center have developed a method of accelerating the isolation of plant disease resistance genes                 Several candidates were introduced into a model species, of which      one (Rpi-amr3) successfully provided broad-spectrum blight      resistance. Photo: Sainsbury Laboratory   A new source of blight resistance genes was also found in a wild relative of the potato, Phys.org reports. Here’s more from Phys.org:…  » Read more

Late blight continues to spread across eastern Idaho

Late blight continues to move across eastern Idaho potato fields. The first confirmation of late blight was in Bingham County on August 12. Since then, late blight has been confirmed in Bonneville County, Power County and Madison County. Phil Nolte, University of Idaho, Idaho Falls Extension seed potato specialist, said that weather conditions continue to be conducive for the development and spread of late blight. “Seems like every few years we run into the right…  » Read more

Toll-free potato blight hotlines

Syngenta, in partnership with five universities, once again will offer toll-free potato blight hotlines during the growing season.             The hotlines consist of researchers providing updates about current potato disease pressures during the growing season in each growing region.             The updates are provided by the following universities and are available at the corresponding phone numbers: University of Idaho: 1-800-791-7195 Michigan State University: 1-888-379-9012 North Dakota State University: 1-888-482-7286 Oregon State University: 1-800-705-3377 Washington State…  » Read more