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McCain to close PEI processing plant

McCain Foods (Canada) announced that it will close its french fry facility in Borden-Carleton, Prince Edward Island (PEI) on October 31, 2014. A shift in demand for french fries from North America to other regions, the impact of the stronger Canadian dollar during the past decade and increased operating efficiency at other facilities influenced the decision to close the plant, according to a McCain press release.

McCain’s $100 million expansion delayed

McCain Foods USA has put on hold development of a third production line, projected to cost $100 million, at their Burley, Idaho plant. McCain is continuing a $40 million improvement to its existing production lines and one of its two plants. McCain announced the $100 million expansion in August 2013 citing increasing demand from customers globally.

eSpudman Clarification

In the March eSpudman Market Report it was incorrectly reported that Prince Edward Island growers were negotiating for a four-year contract with McCain Foods and that four-year contracts offered by McCain included no cost of production increases. Contract negotiations with Prince Edward Island growers are for one year. The four-year contract for growers in New Brunswick and Maine could include cost of production increases based on future contract settlements with growers in Washington and Idaho,…  » Read more