U.S. Fall Production Down 1 Percent, Idaho Up 7 Percent

Nationally, production of fall potatoes is forecast at 408 million cwt., down 1 percent from a year ago. Area harvested, at 1.02 million acres, is down 6 percent from last year. The average yield for the fall crop is estimated at 398 cwt. – up 22 percent from last year’s 376 cwt.

Idaho’s potato production is expected to total 132 million cwt., up 7 percent from last year’s 123 million cwt., according to the Idaho Agricultural Statistics Service.

Planted acres of 355,000 and harvested acres of 353,000 are up 5,000 acres from previously-set estimates, but down 5,000 acres from 2003.

A statewide record yield of 374 cwt. (field-run basis) is up 30 cwt. from a year ago and 5 cwt. above the previous record yield set in 2000. Yield in the 10 Southwestern counties, at 490 cwt., is up 25 cwt. from 2003. Total production in the area is estimated at 12.3 million cwt. from 25,000 harvested acres. In Idaho’s other counties, yield is estimated at 365 cwt., compared with 335 cwt. a year ago. Area production from 328,000 harvested acres is expected to total 120 million cwt., 7 percent above last year’s 112 million cwt.

Originally posted Friday, Nov. 19, 2004