Certified Seed Acreage Down 11 Percent

U.S. potato growers have entered 125,711 acres for certification for seed potatoes for fall 2004 – an 11 percent drop in the number they entered for certification in 2003.

Idaho’s growers have entered 36,924 acres for certifications, which represents an 8 percent drop over last year’s 40,032 acres.

In North Dakota, there are 13 percent fewer acres of seed potatoes that were entered for certification this year, at 16,746 acres.

Growers in Colorado entered 14,884 acres for certification, down from last year’s 15,700 acres entered.

Wisconsin has also seen a drop in certified seed acreage – of 8 percent to 8,515 acres.

Maine growers entered 14 percent fewer acres for seed certification than they did in 2003 – from 2003’s 15,145 to 13,000.

In Montana, growers entered 9,682 acres for certification, nearly 50 acres more than 2003’s 9,638.

And Michigan’s growers entered 2,500 acres for certification, down from last year’s 2,600.

Originally posted Friday, Aug. 20, 2004