New law changes MPIC assessment structure

Michigan’s Governor Rick Snyder recently signed Public Act 202 of 2013 altering the 1970 law that authorized the Michigan Potato Industry Commission (MPIC).

According to Mike Wenkel, MPIC executive director, the new legislation’s major modification is a change in the original legislation’s assessment structure. The new law authorizes the MPIC, subject to grower approval by referendum, to set an assessment rate each year based on industry needs. The amount could be either lower than the current 3 1/2 cents per cwt. up to a maximum of 5  1/2 cents per cwt.

In addition, commission members will now be appointed to represent industry sectors rather than geographic districts. The new law has expanded the commission’s authority to accept “gifts and grants,” to include royalties, license fees and interest.

Originally posted Tuesday, Dec. 31, 2013

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