U.S. potato exports set new record

The U.S. Potato Board reports that total U.S. potato and product exports for FY 13, (July 1, 2012 – June 30, 2013) increased 4 percent in value to more than $1.6 billion and also rose 4 percent in volume to more than 1.5 metric tons (MT).

U.S. exports of frozen potato products in FY13 increased 2 percent in volume to 926,553 MT and 6 percent in value to $1,048,728,731, the first time exports of frozen products surpassed $1 billion in value.

U.S. exports of fresh potatoes increased 13 percent by volume to 456,366 MT but declined 4 percent in value to $196 million in FY 13.

U.S. exports of dehy potatoes were down 3 percent in volume to 114,408 MT in FY 13 but the value remained virtually the same at $192 million. For more information go here.

Originally posted Friday, Sep. 6, 2013