United summer tour includes 20 town halls

United Fresh will launch its fourth “Summer Fresh Impact Tour” on July 29, kicking off a series of 20 town halls in 15 states reaching coast-to-coast.

“We’re going to cover a lot of ground talking with industry members this summer – in both miles and the diverse topics we’ll be addressing,” United Fresh CEO Tom Stenzel said. “United Fresh Impact Tours always allow us to engage in personal discussions about challenges facing our members, from labor and immigration, to food safety, to ways to increase produce consumption. At each stop along the way, we’ll spotlight how United can help leverage the passion of individual members to make a difference for the greater industry.”

The tour will begin in the Northeast, with town hall events in New York, Massachusetts and Maine. Other town halls will be held in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Indiana, Missouri, Kansas, Wisconsin, Minnesota and California. Throughout the tours, United leaders and staff will meet with industry members at their operations, and Stenzel will also speak to the Texas Produce Convention and the Idaho Grower Shipper Association.

More information on Fresh Impact Tour locations, as well as town hall registration options, can be found on the United Fresh website.

Originally posted Wednesday, Jul. 17, 2013

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