Four Seasons Produce wins sustainable business award

Four Seasons Produce has been named the 2013 Green Plus Sustainable Enterprise Award winner. The award recognizes Four Seasons Produce as a leader in sustainable business practices among companies in the United States.

The annual award is administered by the Institute for Sustainable Development, a Durham, N.C.-based partnership of universities, chambers of commerce and business leaders that is dedicated to helping businesses become more competitive through sustainability practices. The award is designed to recognize businesses that are leading the way in putting environmental sustainability at the forefront of their practices.

“The Institute for Sustainable Development is at the forefront of developing business practices that are environmentally responsible.” said Ron Carkoski, president of Four Seasons Produce. “We are thrilled to be recognized by such an important organization as the winner of this prestigious award.”

Over the recent past, Four Seasons Produce has implemented numerous programs, such as a partnership with Energy Star, to conserve resources and energy. These efforts have led to a reduction of electricity usage by 16 percent, and a waste diversion rate of over 90 percent through recycling. Due to the many sustainability efforts the company employs, Four Seasons Produce avoids releasing over 6,000 tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere annually.

Originally posted Thursday, Jul. 11, 2013

Tags: awards and recognition, food processing