NASS reports fall acres decline

The USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service reports a national decline of 44,300 acres planted in potatoes for the 2013 fall season compared to 2012 fall season. This represents a decrease of just over 4.3 percent.

According to NASS, growers planted 957,400 acres in 2013 compared to 1,001,700 acres in 2012.

Idaho saw a decrease of 28,000 acres this year, a drop of 8.2 percent compared to 2012 acres planted. The state of Washington saw a drop of 5,000 acres or 3.1 percent, this year.

Two states showed an increase in acres planted this year, according to NASS.
New York increased its acres by 3,000, an increase of 17.6 percent and Michigan increased its acres by 500, an increase of 1 percent.

Originally posted Friday, Jun. 28, 2013