Ready Pac to display award finalists at United Fresh

Ready Pac will exhibit its two award finalists along with other featured products at this year’s United Fresh 2013 show in San Diego, May 14-16.

The custom Peel and Reseal Clamshell Film has been nominated for the Best New Packaging award. The film is designed to be easy to open, tamper-evident and keeps lettuce fresh while using about one-third less plastic, which allows an extra layer on each pallet during transport.

Bistro Fruit Salads have been nominated for Best New Fruit Product award. These reclosable single serve bowls are filled with fresh-cut fruit, a sweet dressing and dried fruit or nut garnish to blend together and bring out the fruit’s dynamic flavors. Combinations include Tropical Fruit Salad, Caramel Fruit Salad and Waldorf Fruit Salad.

Nominees in each category will be displayed at the United Fresh Membership booth, and event attendees will select winners.

Other featured products during the show will include new recipes within the Ready Pac Bistro Salad Bowl line. Apple Bleu Pecan includes fresh-cut apples over a bed of arugula and baby greens, walnuts, pecans and a bleu cheese vinaigrette dressing, it closely mirrors the flavor profile of the restaurant industry’s top selling menu items.

Four new recipes of the Ready Pac Bistro Organic Salad Bowls include Cranberry Walnut, Chicken Caesar, Southwestern Style and Honey Mustard Baby Spinach. All four of the new recipes are not only 100 percent, organic certified, but they incorporate a blend of wholesome ingredients that make each satisfying bowl truly unique, according to Ready Pac.

“We’re seeing considerable growth within the organic packaged salad category which, during the latest 13 weeks, is up 20 percent in dollar sales compared to previous year,” said Tristan Simpson, director of marketing and corporate communications at Ready Pac. “We’ve had such great success with our Ready Pac Bistro Salad line, it made perfect sense for us to extend our offerings to accommodate our growing organic consumer base.”

Originally posted Tuesday, Apr. 16, 2013

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