Ready Pac releases fresh-cut salad guide

Ready Pac Foods has introduced its “Fresh Cut Salad Guide,” which contains varietal information about lettuce types used in salads and recipes for their use.

The guide describes more than 20 different types of lettuce, identifying colors, flavors and textures that make each leaf unique. The guide gives advice on optimal lettuce pairings to complement desired recipes and meal occasions.

“With so many different offerings in the produce department, the salad category can be overwhelming.” said Tristan Simpson, director of marketing and corporate communications at Ready Pac. “The Fresh Salad Guide” helps address the need for a user-friendly overview that encourages consumers to navigate through their grocer’s lettuce offerings without being intimidated by unfamiliar varieties and recipes.”

Download a free copy of the “Fresh Salad Guide” online here.

Originally posted Tuesday, Apr. 2, 2013

Tags: fresh-cut produce, value-added