United, California group partner on FSMA webinar

United Fresh and the California Grocers Association Education Foundation will present a webinar on March 20 outlining the potential impact of the proposed Produce Safety Rule on retailers’ procurement and store operations as well as fresh produce suppliers. United’s David Gombas, senior vice president of food safety and technology, and Jeff Oberman, vice president of trade relations, will lead the webinar.

“Retailers will definitely feel the effects of the produce rule, especially if the small farm amendment remains in the final version,” explained Gombas. “The industry is counting on retailers to hold suppliers to strict standards of implementing the rules to ensure safe, quality products are delivered to the consumers regardless of from what size operation they originate.”

The session will also provide an update on the work being done by United’s Produce Rule and Preventive Control Rule working groups, comprised of experts and produce and retail industry leaders, to lead a series of meetings on the proposed rules.

The webinar is free to United Fresh and California Grocers Association members and $50 for non-members. Registration is available online. For more information, contact Oberman at 831-600-8922.

Originally posted Thursday, Mar. 7, 2013

Tags: fsma, united fresh