Turatti to display Camel, Nextra at Fruit Logistica

Turatti will be showcasing the evolution of the Camel washing and treatment system at this year’s Fruit Logistica show in Berlin Feb. 6-8 in Hall 3, Stand D-10. The machine was first introduced to the German market during the 2009 Fruit Logistica.

"This patented system, now operating in several companies worldwide, gently transports the most delicate products (fruit and vegetables) while maintaining quality levels well within the most stringent specifications. The 2013 version of the system embodies the extensive experience handling the most disparate products with different applications," said Alessandro Turatti, sales manager of the group and president of Turatti North America.

Turatti said the design of the Camel uses a closed pipe flume without the use of a centrifugal pump for product movement.

"In this closed flume, the contact time with the sanitizing water solution is accurately controlled thus guaranteeing full submersion and a precise contact time. In addition, its compact design, makes it easy to retrofit existing operations with limited space, while improving the washing operations and minimizing water requirements."

The Nextra spin dryer will also be displayed. The model is a fully automatic batch system designed for high capacity dewatering while maintaining gentle handling of the product, according to the company.

Turatti reflected on the company’s progress in 2012.

“Despite a critical overall economic situation, we had been continuing our growing trend, consolidating our presence in North America (we delivered and installed 23 complete lines, many of them for very large capacity) and we are developing business in new markets with many orders from India, China and Brazil,” he said. “In addition, we installed five further large plants in Australia, where the most important companies in the sector have been customers for years."

Originally posted Friday, Feb. 1, 2013

Tags: processing equipment, trade shows