United Farm Workers alleges illegal tactics in Corralitos Farms election

The United Farm Workers is challenging the results of an election for union representation at Corralitos Farms LLC.

The UFW, on the losing side when more than 350 farmworkers cast ballots Sept. 19 in Watsonville and Salinas, alleges the berry grower engaged in illegal activity in the days leading up to the vote.

A lawyer for Corralitos Farms declined to comment Thursday, saying the company had not received the complaint.

According to a statement released by the UFW, a majority of workers signed cards calling for the vote on Sept. 14, triggering the election. But management subsequently threatened to fire workers, offered benefits in exchange for no votes, interrogated workers and otherwise intervened in violation of state labor law.

The UFW says it can back up its allegations with sworn statements by 33 workers. The union argues the votes of at least 27 workers were affected by the violations.

On Sept. 19, the vote was 187-154 against the union, with 19 ballots challenged and three voided, according to the Agricultural Labor Relations Board. Silicon Valley Mercury News

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Originally posted Friday, Sep. 28, 2012

Tags: ag labor